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  HDPE winding wall tube takes HDPE as raw material and is formed twice. It has the following advantages:
  According to nominal inner diameter, it can be divided into DN200-DN1800 (mm)
  According to ring stiffness, it is divided into: SN4 SN8 SN12
  1、 HDPE缠绕结构壁管化学功能稳定,耐酸、碱、盐能力强,耐污水、废水和化学药品的腐蚀,耐土壤中腐朽物的腐蚀,无锈蚀。
  1. HDPE winding wall pipe has stable chemical function, strong acid, alkali and salt resistance, corrosion resistance to sewage, wastewater and chemicals, corrosion resistance to decay in soil and no rust.
  2、HDPE缠绕结构壁管 抗冲击性强,耐压,管壁选用独特的工字型结构,弹性变形大而不易损坏,对任何基地都有很好的适用性。
  2. HDPE winding wall pipe has strong impact resistance and pressure resistance. The pipe wall adopts unique I-shaped structure. It has large elastic deformation and is not easy to damage. It has good applicability to any base.
  3、 HDPE缠绕结构壁管耐老化,管材能够接受存放和施工过程中太阳的直晒,在管材规划和生产工艺上充分考虑了50年时的原料衰减等要素。
  3. HDPE winding wall pipe is ageing-resistant, and can accept direct sunshine during storage and construction. The factors of material attenuation in 50 years are fully considered in pipe planning and production process.
  4、 HDPE缠绕结构壁管适用温度规模广,可用于-50C至60C的温度规模内,不冻裂和胀大渗漏。
  4. HDPE winding wall pipe has a wide temperature range, and can be used in the temperature range of - 50C to 60C, without frost cracking, expansion and leakage.
  5、 HDPE缠绕结构壁管分量轻,是水泥管分量的1/10(平等输水功率下)不需大型施工设备。
  5. HDPE winding structure wall pipe is light in weight, and it is 1/10 of cement pipe component (under equal water conveyance power) without large-scale construction equipment.
  6、HDPE缠绕结构壁管 衔接方便。
  6. HDPE winding wall pipe is easy to connect.
  7、HDPE缠绕结构壁管 耐磨功能优越,比水泥管、钢管耐磨,使用寿命长达50年以上。
  7. HDPE winding wall pipe has superior wear resistance, which is better than cement pipe and steel pipe. Its service life is more than 50 years.
  8、 HDPE缠绕结构壁管原资料价位低,施工、办理、维修费用低。
  8. The original data of HDPE winding wall pipe is low in price, and the cost of construction, handling and maintenance is low.
  9、 HDPE是无毒性资料,对土地无害,可再生使用,是环保型绿色产品。
  9. HDPE is a non-toxic material, harmless to the land, renewable and environmentally friendly green product.

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