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  Standard requirements for MUHDPE alloy tubes
  管道外层采用无缝钢管,GB/T 8163材质Q235。内衬高铬合金材料(kmtbcr24-g)。管道采用法兰连接,标准为GB/T9116.1。
  The outer layer of the pipeline is made of seamless steel tube, and the material of GB/T 8163 is Q235. High chromium alloy lining material (kmtbcr24-g). Flanged connection is adopted for pipeline, the standard is GB/T9116.1.
  King II. technical requirement
  1. 双金属复合管内径偏差:单节管内径偏差为0~+1%。
  1. Diameter deviation of bimetal composite pipe: the inner deviation of single pipe is 0 ~ + 1%.
  2. 同心度偏差:单管两端同心度≤1mm/m。
  2. Concentricity deviation: concentricity at both ends of a single tube is less than 1 m m/m.
  3. Both ends should be parallel and perpendicular to the central line.
  4. 金属耐磨弯头及两端过渡段内椭圆度应满足和行业验收要求(≤5‰)。
  4. Ellipticity of metal wear-resistant elbow and transition section at both ends should meet the acceptance requirements of the state and industry (<5).
  5. 衬砌表面平整,无浇注边、毛刺、毛刺、砂、冷水机等。
  5. The lining surface is smooth, without casting edge, burr, burr, sand, water cooler, etc.
  6. 管件不得有夹渣、松动、裂纹、蜂窝气孔等影响机械性能、使用要求和外观质量的缺陷。
  6. No defects such as slag inclusion, loosening, cracks, honeycomb blowhole, etc. affecting the mechanical properties, service requirements and appearance quality of the fittings shall be allowed.
  7. 管件加工按照需方提供的图纸和清单进行。买方应负责提供图纸的尺寸和规格,供方应确保加工产品符合图纸的几何公差尺寸。
  7. The processing of pipe fittings shall be carried out according to the drawings and lists provided by the demander. The buyer shall be responsible for providing the dimensions and specifications of the drawings, and the supplier shall ensure that the processed products conform to the geometric tolerance dimensions of the drawings.
  8. 管件的重量公差按GB/T11351MT10执行。
  8. The weight tolerance of the fittings shall be carried out according to GB/T11351MT10.
  9. 所有的管件都经过压力测试,以确保现场安装时没有泄漏。
  9. All fittings are tested to ensure that there is no leakage during field installation.
  Technical Quality Assurance of MUHDPE Alloy Pipe
  1. 确保交付到施工现场的设备是完整的和全新的。
  1. Ensure that the equipment delivered to the construction site is complete and new.
  2. 直管使用寿命6年以上。
  2. The service life of straight pipe is more than 6 years.
  3. Warranty Period: One year after installation, the trial operation is qualified.
  4. 提供复合管检验测试报告,包括产品质量保证书、产品合格证等详细信息。产品质量和技术问题由供应商承担相应损失。
  4. Provide the inspection and test report of composite pipe, including the detailed information of product quality assurance certificate, product qualification certificate, etc. The supplier shall bear the corresponding losses for product quality and technical problems.
  5. 提供焊接和整体复合管的拉伸试验、硬度试验和金相分析报告。
  5. Provide reports on tensile test, hardness test and metallographic analysis of welded and integral composite pipes.
  6. 双金属复合管的内径、外径、壁厚不得超过标准。复合管的端口应光滑,端口平面应垂直于耐磨管的内外墙,有利于接触和焊接。
  6. The inner diameter, outer diameter and wall thickness of bimetallic composite pipes shall not exceed the national standards. The end of the composite pipe should be smooth, and the plane of the end should be perpendicular to the inner and outer walls of the wear-resistant pipe, which is conducive to contact and welding.
  7. 施工现场应配备专人,确保复合管安装过程中耐磨管不变形、不脱落、不断裂,确保万无一失。
  7. The construction site should be equipped with special personnel to ensure that the wear-resistant pipes do not deform, fall off and crack continuously during the installation of composite pipes, so as to ensure that they are safe.

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