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  High damping composite steel bellows have been widely used in military and civil fields as compensators and shock absorbers. But in some cases, the bellows need to be compensated, and at the same time, they have high damping performance, so that the vibration of the pipeline can be effectively attenuated and isolated. In this paper, the forming process and basic structure characteristics of metal bellows are discussed. Under the condition of keeping the original structure and performance unchanged, the non-metallic high damping material and the metal bellows are organically combined to make them have compensation and higher vibration reduction performance, and improve the comprehensive performance of the bellows. It can attenuate and isolate pipeline vibration more effectively in practical use and achieve dual-purpose effect. In this paper, the properties of several non-metallic damping materials and their composite methods with metal bellows are introduced, and the pipeline simulation test of composite damping bellows is carried out.
  Through the analysis of the basic structure and working state of steel bellows, it is found that the damping material and bellows are composite materials. Its stiffness will not be greatly affected, otherwise its basic performance will be changed. At the same time, several kinds of composite dies were studied. It is considered that the selected damping material should have higher loss coefficient and lower Young's modulus. Among many damping materials, the following types of laminates are selected to be combined with metal bellows.
  The analysis of composite bellows shows that the additional damping sleeve and sandwich damping structure have little effect on the stiffness of the bellows, while the composite modes of the coated damping material and the tuzuni material have greater effect on the stiffness of the bellows. These four structures have certain influence on the compensation of bellows, and need to be tested and verified. However, due to the limitation of conditions, this experiment has not been carried out, and further research is needed in the future.

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