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  GTA and LB welding processes are used to weld double-layer steel strip inner bellows. The welding fixture requires welding torch, laser beam focusing device and inclination of joint to vertical plane about 30 degrees. Therefore, the arc or beam penetrates the welded joint at a smaller angle. The main problem here is to ensure that the workpiece is completely exposed to the welding fixture to meet the maximum requirements.
  Small penetration. Joints must be at least 4.548 mm higher than fixtures when welded at all locations. However, too high a clamp height also makes it difficult to maintain contact between the stainless steel plates of the components. The fixture must be adjusted several times. Because of the size deviation of each part in this study, this problem can not be completely solved. Neither of the two welding parameters can be adjusted.
  Round off to fully compensate for size deviation. Therefore, there is little difference in depth between the two welding processes at different parts of the same weld. The data in Table I are obtained by transverse measurements based on cross sections cut in the correct direction within the} 5 interval.
  为了减小内焊缝的焊接变形,PA焊接系统采用脉冲焊接电流。PA焊接夹具和焊枪定位符合GTA maximus设备。但是,对PA焊接工艺的评估要晚得多,此时各部件的尺寸波动较小,对波纹管夹具进行了调整,使其达到佳状态,焊缝深度较高
  In order to reduce the welding distortion of the internal weld, the pulsed welding current is used in PA welding system. PA welding fixture and torch positioning conform to GTA maximus equipment. However, the assessment of PA welding process is much later. At this time, the size fluctuation of each component is small. Corrugated pipe clamp is adjusted to achieve the best state and the depth of weld is higher.
  It's stable and consistent.
  The air pipe filled with compressed gas is inserted into the double-walled steel bellows and connected with the bellows through air holes. Then expand one end of the exhaust pipe. The bell mouth is arranged on the inflatable eye. A spring-loaded device is installed on the buoy to enable it
  The bell head compresses the air vent to ensure that the position of the air vent does not move during welding. Firstly, the first weld and the air hole are welded on the bellows, then the second weld is welded, and the air hole and the air hole are welded on the air hole. The impermeability requirement of pipe weld casting is high, but the penetration requirement of eye plate weld O is complete.

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