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  PE corrugated pipe, as a drainage pipe, continuously removes all kinds of sewage in cities, houses, factories and various public buildings. It is an external wall corrugated structure designed by mechanical principle, which is scientific and reasonable, and has good physical and mechanical properties.
  PE double-wall bellows in the actual production process, will encounter the problem of poor enlargement, below we specifically analyze.
  (1) Internal blow-out causes are generally excessive internal pressure; poor toughness of raw materials; too thin inner layer; late start-up of expansion bleeding or blocked path of expansion bleeding; impurities in raw materials; poor plasticization of materials, etc.
  (2) If the inner and outer layers of the enlargement do not adhere properly, if this phenomenon occurs at the beginning, it is due to the late start of the inner layer or the low pressure of the corresponding section; if it occurs at the end, it may be due to the premature aeration of the inner layer or the premature exhaust of the enlargement, or the low pressure of the corresponding section; if it occurs from the beginning to the end, it may be due to the low pressure of the corresponding section. Poor pasting may be the performance or temperature of raw materials.
  (3) No matter how to adjust the end face of the expansion is not complete, the expansion can not be attached, the reason is generally the premature end of the impact of the inner layer; the premature end of the expansion deflation;
  (4) There is concave limit in the inner layer of the front part of the enlargement, which is caused by the early start of the inner layer, the deviation between the water jacket and the center line of the module (the forming machine and the water jacket are not aligned), the thin inner wall thickness, and the premature stop of the internal vacuum.
  (5) In the inner layer of the stack at the flaring end, this phenomenon often results in the flaring concave inward. The reason is that the inner layer of the expanding end is too thick. In this section, the reduction rate of the injection moulding machine is too high; the inner expansion of the previous sections is too high; the inner material temperature is too high to make the blank too soft; the outer blank of this section is too thick.
  6. 扩口端内层有凹极限,其原因一般是扩口后波和第二波压力过小;波和第二波的内壁厚度过厚。内真空度小或内真空度启动太晚;原材料韧性差等。
  6. There is a concave limit in the inner layer of the flare end. The reason is that the pressure of the first wave and the second wave is too small after flaring, and the thickness of the inner wall of the first wave and the second wave is too thick. The internal vacuum is small or the internal vacuum is too late to start; the toughness of raw materials is poor, etc.
  Above is some introduction about PE double-wall bellows. Our company produces and sells HDPE double-flat-wall steel-plastic composite winding pipes and other pipes. If you have product requirements, you can click on our official website for consultation: http://www.laobingguandao.com, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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