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  HDPE water supply pipeline is made of special polyethylene material produced by plastic extruder. It is widely used in urban water supply network, irrigation diversion project and agricultural sprinkler irrigation project.
  How to fix the connection between PE and water pipe is the best way to do it.
  1. PE水管焊接时,将两根管子轴线对齐,点焊固定两根管子的两端。PE对管道和法兰进行焊接时,应先将管道放入法兰内,点焊时用直尺找对,焊后找平。法兰两侧应焊接,内侧面不得凸现法兰密封面。
  1. When PE pipe is welded, the axes of two pipes are aligned and the ends of two pipes are fixed by spot welding. When PE welds pipes and flanges, the pipes should be put into flanges first. When spot welding, the pipes should be aligned with rulers and leveled after welding. The flange should be welded on both sides, and the flange sealing surface should not be protruded on the inner side.
  2. PE wall thickness 5 mm or more should be cut groove to ensure complete penetration of welding. Groove forming can be cut by gas welding or groove processing, but slag and iron oxide should be removed, and the cutting surface should be perpendicular to the central line of pipeline to ensure the concentricity of pipeline welding. The flange should be perpendicular to the center line of the pipe, the surface should be parallel to each other, the flange gasket should not convex the pipe, the bolt specifications of the connecting flange should be flanged, and the length of the bolt extending the nut should not exceed 1/2 diameter of the bolt.
  3. When welding to the pipeline, the pipeline interface should remove rust, dirt and grease. Flange gaskets shall be selected according to drawings and specifications, rubber gaskets shall be used in cold water system and asbestos rubber gaskets shall be used in hot water system.
  Therefore, due to the use of PE pipe hot-melt, hot-melt connection to achieve interface integration and pipeline, and can effectively resist the pressure circumferential stress and axial stress, heavy metals and PE pipes are not affected by salt stabilizers, materials are non-toxic, non-telescopic, and do not breed bacteria, the PE pipe method of radius needs attention.
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