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  Cement pipe is the most important thing in the manufacturing process is to use concrete materials, at the same time, the use of steel skeleton as its main place, cement concrete as its main place, so called reinforced concrete, this material will make it in the use process can ensure the effect, greatly improve the efficiency of use, in the wet work. The height of the environment can adhere to safety, durability, and not be corroded by soil and some corrosive substances.
  At the same time, some special materials are added in the manufacturing process to make it have good flame retardancy, and will not cause damage or extensive damage due to fire. Pipes related to other materials, such as metal pipes and plastic pipes, have longer service life.
  In the daily use of cement pipeline, due to various reasons may encounter a variety of problems, today Huayuan industrial technicians for you to sort out some common problems, I hope to help you:
  1. 使用前检查各部件是否正常。确认橡胶管连接可靠。
  1. Check whether the parts are normal before use. Verify that the rubber pipe connection is reliable.
  2. Choose the appropriate weight center of gravity, choose the point force and base of electric jack reasonably, and consider the soft and hard conditions of the ground, whether the hard wood is padded, whether smooth, in order to avoid weight depression or tilt.
  Dutch Brick | Permeable Brick | Cement Pipeline
  3. After lifting heavy objects with electric jacks, they should be firmly supported by brackets in time. It is forbidden to use electric jack as support.
  4. 请参阅电动泵的使用说明书。
  4. Please refer to the instructions for the use of electric pumps.
  5. If there is insufficient oil in the pump body, it is necessary to refuel the pump in order to work.
  6. The main parameters should be strictly observed in use to avoid overloading, or reach the stroke, or continue to press, otherwise serious oil leakage will occur at the top of the cylinder when the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the stipulation.
  The company produces and sells all kinds of pipes. If you have the demand of HDPE double-wall steel-plastic composite winding pipes, you can consult: click on the website http://www.laobingguandao.com.

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