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  1. 一般规定
  1. General Provisions
  (1) Improper transportation, loading and unloading, stacking, covering and long storage time may lead to deformation and deterioration of pipes and fittings. External quality inspection must be performed before connection.
  (2) Pipeline connection mainly adopts four modes: socket connection, heat shrinkage band (sleeve) connection, electrothermal fusion band connection and clamping elastic connection.
  (3) Special connection tools should be used for different connection forms of pipelines. When connecting, do not use open fire heating.
  (4) Hot-melt welded pipes shall be connected with pipes and fittings of the same brand and material. Connections between pipes and pipes or fittings of different grades and materials with similar performance must be tested to ensure the quality of connections before they can be carried out.
  (5) Pipeline connection operators shall receive special training and pass the examination and technical examination before taking up their posts.
  (6) If the temperature difference between the storage of pipe fittings and the construction site is large, the pipe fittings should be placed at the construction site for a period of time. Keep it close to the temperature of the construction site.
  (7) The end of the pipe should be kept clean when connecting. Every time the work is completed, the orifice should be temporarily blocked.
  (8) The appearance and quality of the joint shall be checked after the completion of the pipeline connection. Unqualified must be reworked. Joint quality inspection shall be carried out on the appearance after rework.
  2. 套接字和套接字连接模式
  2. Socket and socket connection mode
  (1) The socket and socket connection method is to insert elastic rubber rings and sockets between sockets, and to repair the gap between sockets and sockets by using good elastic rubber rings with special sealing slots of sockets, so that the gap between sockets and sockets can be even prevented: to prevent impurities from entering pipelines; to prevent media leakage.
  (2) Features: simple operation, convenient construction, fast speed, low labor intensity, belonging to the elastic interface, can withstand certain displacement and external force induced vibration, with seismic performance, but the interface material requirements are strict, suitable for poor foundation, easy vibration area.
  3. Flange connection
  Flange connection is to fix two pipes on a flange plate, between the two flanges, plus flange pad, bolted together to complete the connection.
  (2) Features: convenient disassembly, high strength, good sealing performance.
  3. Connection mode of heat shrinkable belt (sleeve)
  (1) The thermal shrinkage band (sleeve) is made by crosslinking polydilute hydrocarbon and reinforced fiber. The inner layer uses thermal shrinkage band as sealing surface and the outer layer uses thermal shrinkage sleeve as strengthening layer to ensure the sealing performance and strength of pipeline connection.
  (2) Features: high strength, strong anti-aging ability, good environmental stress resistance, good sealing, convenient construction, fast speed, excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and good anti-ultraviolet and light aging performance.
  (4) Scope of application:
  热缩管(带带)连接方式适用于DN/ id300-dn /ID3000排水管道。
  Heat shrinkable pipe (belt) connection mode is suitable for DN/id300-dn/ID3000 drainage pipe.
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