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  The connection method of hollow winding pipe is that the adjacent pipe is heated by special hot air extrusion welding tool and extrusion welding rod to melt the polyethylene data into a whole, which is a rigid connection. The heat shrinkage zone made of cross-linking data stops flame heating, so that the hot melt adhesives on the inner and outer surfaces of the heat shrinkage zone are bonded to the surface of the pipe. Cooling and solidification of the heat shrinkage zone constitute a constant clamping force, which is a rigid connection.
  Hoop (Huff sleeve) connection: through the adjacent end of the pipe with bolts to fasten the two half of the outer sleeve, so that the sleeve and the outer wall of the rubber seal ring between the tight connection, is a rigid connection. When the clamp (Huff sleeve) is used to connect, because the outer wall of the pipe is spiral corrugated, it is necessary to add a water shrinkable rubber plug in the corrugated end of the pipe to be connected. The huff sleeve should have anti-corrosion ability and limited installation to ensure that the huff sleeve is long-term and can not be displaced or sliding on the outer wall of the pipe.
  Hollow winding pipe intubation can be divided into rigid socket connection and flexible socket connection. Rigid socket connection is to insert the socket of the pipe into the socket of the pipe. After alignment, it is first seamed with seam data, and then sealed with plastic welding torch to make it a solid blockade. Flexible socket connector inserts elastic rubber ring on the seal of pipe socket, and then inserts the pipe socket with force to form a blockade pipe that can adapt to displacement and vibration within a certain range.
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