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  Why is it inevitable to use model steel coil instead of cement drainage? Compared with new product model steel coil in recent years, cement pipe has been widely used in the initial stage of drainage project. But with the development of society and the emergence of new products, more and more people find many shortcomings of cement pipe, such as poor cycling performance, poor corrosion resistance and easy to use. Leak. So there will be pollution.
  However, from the purchase price point of view, although the price of plastic-steel winding pipe is more expensive than that of cement pipe, comprehensive consideration is more advantageous. The comparison is as follows: the cement drainage pipeline will form "pipeline blockage" in the use process. Usually cement is used for about 10 years, the wall of cement pipe will leak due to water erosion. Once this happens, the impact on the environment will be very large, even affect the residents'drinking water, so this situation is very serious.
  In fact, the relevant documents issued by the relevant functional departments of the Chinese government have gradually eliminated cement drainage pipes, and many forward-looking city leaders have begun to vigorously implement relevant policies, using new drainage pipes and plastic wound pipes as alternatives, which have been actively promoted in recent years.
  What's the price of plastic-steel winding pipe and cement pipe? Generally speaking, the price of plastic-steel winding pipe is 10% to 15% higher than that of traditional Cement-Steel winding pipe. However, considering the service life, the related environmental impact treatment costs and the profound impact in this respect, the use cost of cement pipelines is extremely high.
  Due to the physical and chemical properties of raw materials, the corrosion resistance of plastic wound steel pipes can be used for a long time. The service life can be extended by 50 or 60 years. Because the material is smooth and the friction coefficient is low, it is not easy to let the dirt hang on the wall, so the cycle performance is good. This can reduce the cost of manual maintenance management. Therefore, the use of plastic wrapped steel pipe can not see the initial investment, the later maintenance cost is greatly reduced, and the cost of use cycle is quite low, so plastic wrapped steel pipe is a better choice for drainage engineering.
  As a new type of drainage pipe, the length of plastic wrapped steel pipe is not long, but because of its wide price range and more environmental protection advantages, it has been rapidly popularized and applied in urban drainage engineering.
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