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  The above problems may occur when the glass fiber composite pipe is demulsified, the dosage of auxiliary agent and catalyst is checked, the construction under cold and humid conditions is avoided as far as possible, the steel bar material is prevented from being damp, and the storage environment is kept dry. Check whether the content of reinforcement material meets the design requirements. If the content meets the design requirements, but the rigidity is not enough, check the design itself, check the curing degree of the resin matrix, and carry out curing treatment if necessary.
  In order to comprehensively check the quality of pipeline installation, the construction and acceptance of water supply and drainage pipeline works shall be carried out in accordance with the code of the specified test method, and the allowable water seepage shall conform to the standard steel pipe. Check the radial deflection value. According to the standard documents, within 24 hours after the installation of fiberglass pipe, check the initial radial deflection and bending of the pipe, and do not make the pipe rise or fall or other sudden changes.
  The overall weight of the glass fiber composite pipe is light, and the transportation and installation are very convenient. After expert design, the product can effectively reduce its own friction, and has a strong conveying capacity. The inner surface of the pipe is very smooth, which helps to achieve good conveying effect.
  The composition of FRP is relatively hard, so the advantages of FRP pipes are particularly obvious.
  High corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, water resistance and long-term use have proved the strength of FRP products.
  With the development of FRP in China, as a kind of reinforced material based on plastics, FRP has been expanded from glass fiber to carbon fiber, boron fiber, aramid fiber, alumina fiber, silicon carbide fiber, etc. There is no doubt that the reinforced plastics made of these new fibers are high-performance fiber-reinforced composite materials, which can not be generalized by the common name of glass fiber reinforced plastics.
  Considering the origin and development of history, fiberglass composite materials are usually used, which is a comprehensive name.
  After the fiberglass pipe arrives at the site, the construction shall be started immediately in the corresponding operation area.
  If the construction cannot be started immediately due to force majeure, the pipeline shall be kept properly.
  The supporting and connecting materials of FRP pipes include glass fiber yarns, chopped felt, fiberglass cloth, and resins, curing agents, accelerators, anti-aging agents, and various strain gums.
  These materials must be properly classified and stored in a dry place without direct sunlight.

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