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  When using the double button winding pipe, we should pay attention to its use requirements, including its appearance, quality, transportation, installation, construction and maintenance. To make the product operate correctly, we must strictly conform to the use requirements, so as to better ensure the quality of the equipment. So what are the specific requirements for using the double button winding pipe?
  1. Loading, unloading and transportation requirements - pipes and pipe fittings shall be handled, transported and stacked to avoid impact, throwing is strictly prohibited, and both ends of plugs shall be safe.
  2. Appearance requirements of double button PVC reinforced pipe - the inner wall of the pipe shall be smooth and smooth, the pipe body shall be free of cracks, and the pipe orifice shall not be damaged, cracked, deformed and other defects.
  3. Tank quality requirements - the tank bottom is loose, soil, silt, stone and other debris must be removed, and the tank bottom shall not be soaked by water. The width of the groove shall be 300 mm on each side of the pipe diameter or pipe installation width. Special soil conditions should be discussed with the designer.
  4. Requirements for pipe foundation - except for special requirements, PVC winding pipe generally adopts flexible foundation. The thickness of foundation is paved with 150 mm gravel or pebble, which is leveled with 50 mm (sand, sand), foundation width and groove width.
  5. Pipe laying and interface requirements - non metallic rope pipe end shall be used for the pipe, PVC winding pipe body shall be evenly rolled into the groove, and the groove side shall not be allowed to roll into the tank. The groove cover shall pass immediately after the acceptance of PVC pipe concealed works.
  6. The trench shall be covered with soil to prevent the floating pipe or other losses (including the trench part of the pipe and the flat chest and armpit from the pipe top) exposed for a long time. The backfilling shall be carried out according to the following procedures:
  7. In the implementation process, in addition to the description, it is also implemented in accordance with the technical specification for buried plastic drainage pipeline engineering.

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