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  HDPE Double wall winding pipe is made of steel plastic composite profile strip welded by spiral winding (extrusion welding of overlapping surface). The inner wall is smooth and the specification is dn200-dn3000mm.
  This kind of pipe has the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight, convenient installation, large flow, long service life (50 years), etc. it can replace the pipe made of high energy consumption materials (cement, cast iron, ceramics, etc.) and belongs to environmental protection and green products.
  1. 安全可靠的环刚度与纯塑料管相比,加筋钢带可方便地使管道特别是大口径管道具有足够的安全可靠的环刚度
  1. Compared with the pure plastic pipe, the reinforced steel strip can easily make the pipe, especially the large-diameter pipe, have enough safe and reliable ring stiffness
  内壁光滑,流动阻力比水泥管道低20 ~ 30%,聚乙烯(PE)管道内壁光滑,摩擦系数小,且沉积物不易在管道内积聚,长期使用后摩擦几乎没有变化
  The inner wall of PE pipe is smooth, the flow resistance is 20 ~ 30% lower than that of cement pipe, the inner wall of PE pipe is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the deposit is not easy to accumulate in the pipe, and the friction is almost unchanged after long-term use
  (3) Flexible or leak free (electric fusion welding, butt welding) connection, good sealing performance, good environmental protection performance, simple tool manual operation, no need of machinery, very simple, fast, reliable and leak free
  4 .耐腐蚀,使用寿命50年以上。高密度聚乙烯(PE)管的使用寿命可达50年
  4. Corrosion resistance, service life more than 50 years. The service life of high density polyethylene (PE) pipe can be up to 50 years
  5. 重量轻,接头少,无需大型设备,安装、敷设方便,安装时无需大型起重设备。轴向挠性好,铺底槽平直度低,要求较硬,能承受安装不当引起的异常应力
  5. Light weight, few joints, no need for large equipment, convenient installation and laying, no need for large lifting equipment during installation. Good axial flexibility, low straightness of the bottom groove, hard requirements, able to bear the abnormal stress caused by improper installation
  6. 现场生产可以大大节省运输成本。带材可卷(普通电缆线圈)运输,卷管装置简单紧凑,便于厂家运输到现场。
  6. On site production can greatly save transportation cost. The strip can be rolled (ordinary cable coil) for transportation. The rolling device is simple and compact, which is convenient for the manufacturer to transport to the site.
  For pipes with strong resistance to abnormal impact load, the stress produced can be dissolved through elastic deformation, so as to avoid leakage or damage of pipe joints caused by excessive stress and deformation
  The advantages of steel and plastic materials are one. The comprehensive performance of the pipeline is excellent.

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