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  PVC spooled pipes shall align both ends of the two pipes connected and be as close to the same axis as possible. When the pipe ovality is large, the length and length axis of the two pipes should be corresponding as much as possible. The matching machine is used to lay the electrothermal melting belt on the inner wall of the connection of the two pipes. The center line of the width direction of the hot melt strip shall be aligned with the terminal on the same vertical plane as far as possible.
  The PVC winding pipe is connected with the electrothermal melting belt, and the gap is filled with the thermotropic melting plate; open the support machine, round the electrothermal melting belt, and press the inner wall of the pipe evenly, and all the laminations of the machine shall be neatly covered and pressed on the hot melting belt without omission. Connect the hot-melt welding machine (power supply) with the hot-melt electrified heating circuit, and conduct electric heating welding according to the welding process parameters such as current and power on time provided by the pipeline manufacturer. In the electric heating welding process, the current may have a certain continuous and stable reduction process, but there should be no sudden rise and fall. The surface temperature of the welding zone of the electric heating melting zone shall be relatively uniform on the circumference. In case of any abnormality, the joint shall be checked in detail and corresponding measures shall be taken. After welding, conduct natural cooling (generally ≥ 40min). The welding machines and tools shall not move during the cooling process, and the welding joints shall not be affected by external forces. After cooling, the machine tool can be removed.
  The connection mode of PVC winding pipe is to heat the adjacent pipes with special hot air extrusion welding tool and extrusion welding rod, so that the polyethylene material can be melted into a whole connection mode, which belongs to rigid connection. The heat shrinkable tape made of cross-linked material is heated by flame, so that the inner surface of the heat shrinkable tape is bonded with the hot-melt adhesive on the outer surface of the tube.
  HAF sleeve connection: the rubber sealing ring between the sleeve and the outer wall of the tube is connected in a rigid way, and the two halves of the outer sleeve are fastened with bolts at the ends of adjacent tubes. When connecting with the clamp (HAF sleep), because the outer wall of the pipe is spirally corrugated, the corrugated end of the connecting pipe must be filled with rubber plug of expansion water. Harf casing shall have anti-corrosion ability and limit device to ensure that harf casing can not move or slide on the outer wall of the pipeline for a long time.

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