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  Large-diameter cement pipe is a type of cement pipe used in some very large projects, but large-diameter cement pipe is not very much, so what is the reason for the small output of large-diameter cement pipe?
  : making 1, wall falling over 40 m long of large diameter and adjust the art at the top of the plug with the arm core bare tube, for pipe ends inserted into the pipe body heavier even wet short end face the same height. Then slowly pull out tube core, long plug stopper, turn on the conveyor belt, the tube body still falling, as the tube core is thrown into the tube, when all off the oval tube core, cause waste, this is the main reason.
  2, the contact surface is: by the friction between them is difficult to finish, long water plug should have move feeling, neodymium in case of handing out mandrel pipe Angle, such as enlarging the bracket and wet of the pipe cannot be bound to have a wet pipe in more than half of the conveyor belt to stop rotating, pipe diameter, otherwise will not be able to emerge cause is very difficult to take off the large diameter pipe core, influence of lock phenomenon in a large diameter pipe production.


  3, stripping difficult GeChang generally USES the shedding off car. Connector, with long operation of wet pipe to transmit more than 0 mm diameter tube core, namely in advance out of the car to put a more than 30 take hard (hard temperature 6 ~ 7 c) ~ hours longish semicircle pipe bracket, stripping the extract with wet pipe plug, long wall won't produce elliptical deformation, take off the Ⅱ j billet tube core on the bracket, and then start to take off the vehicle, relying on long should be quickly return to use plug, plug number operation depending on different friction to achieve stripping tube billet and the brackets.
  So in our country the manufacture of large diameter cement pipe is still difficult, but the role of large diameter cement pipe is very valuable.

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