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  The nonlinearity of the elastic properties of HDPE Double wall bellows depends on its geometry and displacement. In general, nonlinearity is very small. Nonlinearity is not considered in the calculation of bellows release, compensation and elastic joints. If the bellows works together with the spring as an elastic element, and the rigidity of the bellows is less than that of the spring, the nonlinearity of the measuring element largely depends on the performance of the elastomer.
  When bellows are used as measuring elements to directly convert pressure into displacement, its nonlinear characteristics must be considered.
  波纹管压力的实验特征Q和p即使位移在横截面的和线性特性有明显区域到另一个地方,因此,严格来说只有在弹性元件的初始状态(p - 0)符合线性特征(实验或计算),在负载的情况下,弹性元件的性能会有一定的错误相比,线性特征。
  The experimental characteristics of bellows pressure Q and P even if the displacement in the center of cross-section and linear characteristics have obvious area to another place, therefore, strictly speaking, only in the initial state of the elastic element (P-0) in line with the linear characteristics (experiment or calculation), in the case of load, the performance of the elastic element will have certain error compared with the linear characteristics.
  In the bellows used in the instrument manufacturing industry, the mutual displacement of the half wave extreme section may exceed the wall thickness by an order of magnitude. In this case, nonlinear properties become an important problem. Under the action of pressure P and force o, the experimental data of nonlinear characteristics of bronze bellows are shown in Table 9. Take a positive value for the load that causes the bellows to extend.
  The mechanism of the above characteristics of bellows under linear load is explained theoretically. This interpretation is based on the analysis of the radial displacement and the corresponding circumferential membrane stress at different positions of the bellows, which is the same for any displacement of the bellows.
  When the bellows is extended, the relative displacement of each point of the inner and outer ring shell will produce the corresponding circumferential compression force and tensile force.
  If the wave is compressed in advance, the circular cone of the wave will twist when the bellows is stretched, and the radial displacement of the edge of the circular cone is opposite to the displacement sign of the circular shell. Therefore, the total circumferential force and stiffness of the bellows decrease when the bellows moves phase. This can be illustrated by the 0.125 and 0.25 characteristic curve examples shown in Figure 3. Therefore, when other parameters are the same, there is an optimal coefficient value x = x, and the initial stiffness is the smallest.

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