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  Cement pipeline, also known as cement pressure pipe and reinforced concrete pipe, can be used as the water pipeline in the foundation of the city, which can discharge sewage, flood prevention and drainage, as well as the water supply pipe and farm motor well used in some special factories and mines. It is generally divided into: plain reinforced concrete cement pipe, flexible slotted reinforced concrete cement pipe, spigot and socket reinforced concrete cement pipe, F-shaped steel spigot and socket cement pipe, plain collar interface cement pipe, slotted cement pipe, etc.
  How to install the cement pipe to avoid water leakage? We Shijiazhuang Zhongde pipe industry take you to understand three important points:
  1. Construct according to the standard, clear the mouth, chisel, apply slurry, fill the joint, interface, compact and trowel. It should be done well. Pay attention to maintenance after interface. Late care is also critical.
  2. Plug the joint with asphalt oakum, apply a layer of asphalt on its surface, and then wrap it with asphalt felt within a certain width of the joint opening. Another layer of asphalt, the so-called "two oil and two materials", we see the road culvert pipe is basically treated in this way.
  3. It depends on whether you are a socket pipe or a flat pipe. To ensure no water leakage, the same foundation must be done well. You can pour the concrete cushion first and then install the pipe, and the butt joint of the pipe orifice is flat. The socket pipe shall be padded with appropriate mortar at the lower mouth of the pipe. In order to ensure that the width around the nozzle is different. Caulking and plastering. Close the gap. The pipe joint shall be sealed by pouring the pipe belt. Standard operation. As long as the construction is carried out in strict accordance with the construction operation standards, water leakage can be reduced. To be 100% watertight, flexible joints must be used. That is to say, the rubber strip rubber ring joint for cement pipe matching is used. The rubber ring shall be purchased from the supplier when the cement pipe can be purchased.

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