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  When using HDPE socket type winding pipe, we should pay attention to its use requirements, including its appearance, quality, transportation, installation, construction and maintenance, so that our products can operate correctly and must strictly meet the use requirements. In order to better ensure the quality of the equipment, what are the specific requirements for using HDPE socket type winding pipe?
  1. 装卸和运输要求——管道和配件在搬运、运输和堆垛过程中应避免碰撞。严禁投掷。
  1. Handling and transportation requirements - pipes and fittings shall be free from collision during handling, transportation and stacking. Throwing is strictly prohibited.
  2. Appearance requirements for HDPE spigot and socket wound pipe: the inner wall of the pipe shall be smooth, the pipe body shall be free of cracks, and the pipe orifice shall not be damaged, cracked, deformed and other defects.
  3. Tank quality requirements: the bottom of the tank is loose, mud, mud, stones and other debris must be removed, and the bottom of the tank shall be kept free of water. The groove width is 300 mm on each side of the pipe diameter or the installation width of the pipe. Special soil conditions shall be discussed with the designer.
  4. 管道基础要求——除特殊要求外,PVC缠绕管道一般采用柔性基础。铺有150mm砾石或卵石的地基,用50mm(砂、砂)和地基宽度及坡口宽度找平。
  4. Pipeline foundation requirements - except for special requirements, PVC winding pipeline generally adopts flexible foundation. The foundation paved with 150 mm gravel or pebble shall be leveled with 50 mm (sand, sand) and foundation width and groove width.
  5. 管道敷设及接口要求——管道应与非金属绳管及PVC缠绕管体端部均匀卷入槽内,槽侧不应卷入罐内。6. 地沟覆盖土应使用后立即进行PVC管道隐蔽工程,防止浮管或其他损失(包括管道坡口部分、管道至管道顶、腋窝处)长时间暴露在管道外,按以下程序进行回填:
  5. Pipe laying and interface requirements - the pipe shall be evenly drawn into the tank with the end of non-metallic rope pipe and PVC winding pipe body, and the tank side shall not be drawn into the tank. 6. PVC pipe concealed work shall be carried out immediately after the trench covering soil is used to prevent floating pipe or other losses (including pipe groove, pipe to pipe top, armpit) from being exposed to the pipe for a long time, and backfilling shall be carried out according to the following procedures:
  7. 在实施过程中,除说明外,还应按《埋地塑料排水管道工程技术规程》执行。
  7. In the process of implementation, in addition to the description, the technical specification for buried plastic drainage pipeline engineering shall also be followed.

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