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  当完成钢塑复合管成品后,不要以为可以用这种方式运输。 重要的步骤是不要忘记保护成品,这可以在以后节省很多麻烦。 在这里,双扣聚氯乙烯增强管小编就钢塑复合管的成品保护提出了几点意见。
  When the finished steel-plastic composite pipe is finished, do not think it can be transported in this way. The most important step is not to forget to protect the finished product, which can save a lot of trouble in the future. Here, some suggestions on the finished product protection of steel-plastic composite pipes are put forward in the small knitting of double-buckled PVC reinforced pipes.
  1. Temporary plugs for reserved pipe joints of steel-plastic composite pipes should not be opened at will to prevent blocking of pipes due to falling debris.
  Secondly, prefabricated steel-plastic composite pipes should be placed neatly, with cushion and cushion. It is not allowed to be pressed by pedals or materials, nor can it be placed in double layers.
  Third, it is not allowed to install shelves or bolts on installed steel-plastic composite pipes.
  4.已安装的钢塑复合管不得用作支撑物或脚踏板,也不得压紧。 其支持卡框架不得用作其他目的的受力点。
  4. Installed steel-plastic composite pipes shall not be used as supports or pedals, nor shall they be compressed. The support card frame shall not be used as a force point for other purposes.
  随着时代的发展和科学技术的进步,人们继续开发越来越多的高质量的东西。 近,出现了一种新型的管道。 我们称他为PSP钢塑复合管。 这种新型管道的出现引起了管道市场的巨大浪潮。  PSP钢塑复合管结合了钢管和塑料管的优点,摒弃了它们的缺点。 它已受到业界的喜爱和追捧。 在极端时刻,新管道占据了该行业的大部分市场。
  With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, people continue to develop more and more high-quality things. Recently, a new type of pipeline has emerged. We call him PSP steel-plastic composite pipe. The emergence of this new type of pipeline has caused a tremendous wave in the pipeline market. PSP steel-plastic composite pipe combines the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe, and discards their shortcomings. It has been loved and sought after by the industry. At the extreme moment, new pipelines dominate most of the industry's market.
  目前,这种新型管道的应用主要在供水工程中。 施工现场给水,高层建筑消防给水管以及长期工作压力约为1.6mpa管,因此psp钢塑复合管达到计划压力,根据给水施工确定2.0MPa压力要求 ,重要参数是壁厚的参数。
  At present, the application of this new type of pipeline is mainly in water supply engineering. The water supply in construction site, fire water supply pipe in high-rise building and long-term working pressure are about 1.6 mpa. Therefore, the PSP steel-plastic composite pipe meets the planned pressure. According to the water supply construction, the pressure requirement of 2.0 MPa is determined, and the important parameter is the wall thickness.
  温度的使用也是管道规划中的重要参数,它决定了数据的允许应力。 在职业中,输送水的温度分为冷水和热水。 冷水的温度为0到25度,但是在中等温度受大气温度影响的情况下,中国南部的夏季温度可以达到40摄氏度,而北部的温度可以低。 在40年的冬天里,水向零度0度结冰无法达到水的意图。 因此,在工作中存在一些隔热规范,因此管道中的水温一直保持在0度以上,以保持流体的流动性。 热水通常用于加热和淋浴。 水温通常为75度,瞬时温度可以达到约95度。
  Temperature is also an important parameter in pipeline planning, which determines the allowable stress of data. In the profession, the temperature of transporting water is divided into cold water and hot water. The temperature of cold water is 0 to 25 degrees, but in the case of moderate temperature affected by atmospheric temperature, the summer temperature in southern China can reach 40 degrees Celsius, while the temperature in northern China can be low. In 40 years of winter, the freezing of water to zero degrees could not achieve the purpose of water. Therefore, there are some heat insulation specifications in the work, so the water temperature in the pipeline has been maintained above 0 degrees in order to maintain the fluidity of the fluid. Hot water is usually used for heating and showering. Water temperature is usually 75 degrees, instantaneous temperature can reach about 95 degrees.
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