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  Why in recent years HDPE steel band reinforced polyethylene pipe can account for half of the country? The main reason is that the whole supporting industry chain of PE is the most perfect, as well as the matching of domestic raw materials. PE resin raw material is polymerized by monomer ethylene. Due to different pressure and temperature, different densities of resin can be obtained, so there are high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene. When processing different types of HDPE pipes, different resin grades are selected according to different application conditions, and the requirements for extruders and dies are also different. And the HDPE steel strip reinforced polyethylene pipe can meet the following quality requirements:
  1. 安全性和可靠性。
  1. Safety and reliability.
  This is the most important principle. Pipelines should be able to withstand vibration shock, water hammer, thermal expansion and contraction, and can withstand the test of time, no leakage, no burst.
  2. 卫生。
  2. hygiene.
  显然,目前投放市场的所有管材都要符合标准CJ/ t225-2011的要求,只有经过认可的检测部门检测后才能投放市场。
  Obviously, all pipes put into the market at present must meet the requirements of the national standard CJ / T225 - 2011. Only after testing by the national recognized inspection department can they be put into the market.
  3. energy saving.
  The energy consumption of any steel pipe from the extraction and synthesis of raw materials, cadmium smelting, rolling, injection extrusion and other aspects is higher than that of HDPE steel strip reinforced polyethylene pipe from the macro point of view. In the composite process, the energy consumption of steel-plastic composite pipes with thermal expansion spraying technology is higher than that of metal pipes, and the energy consumption of thick-walled pipes is lower than that of thin-walled pipes.
  On the premise of ensuring safe operation, the lowest cost HDPE steel strip reinforced polyethylene pipe was selected. When comparing the price of pipe materials, the price of pipe fittings is relatively uniform, and the cost of construction and installation is relatively uniform.

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