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  PVC drain pipe sanitary grade PVC resin is the main raw material, adding appropriate stabilizer, lubricant, filler, carbon powder and other plastic extruder extrusion and injection molding machine, through cooling, curing, formation, inspection, packaging and other procedures to complete the production of pipes and fittings. PVC drainage pipe has high safety factor, low friction coefficient, smooth flow, not easy to plug, less protection work, good water tightness, good aging resistance, normal service life of more than 50 years, excellent corrosion resistance to inorganic acid, alkali and salt.
  Characteristics of PVC drain pipe:
  (1) Beautiful appearance, lubrication of inner wall, small friction coefficient, anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance and no scaling of inner wall of pipeline, reduce friction resistance of fluid, improve efficiency of fluid transportation and reduce noise.
  (2) It has the advantages of high impact strength, high mechanical performance, good toughness and flexural strength, which reduces the crushing problem in construction and application. It is especially suitable for drainage pipelines of airports, highways and railways.
  (3) The application of temperature scale is large, weather resistance is outstanding, and the stability of temperature scale is good when temperature changes.
  (4) Light weight, low price, easy to transport, install, protect and maintain.
  Installation requirements for PVC drainage pipes:
  1. 锯管与坡口、锯管长度是根据实际测量和各连接管件的尺寸逐层确定的。锯管件应选用锯齿锯、切割机和管件切割机等。断口应光滑,断面不应有任何变形。待粘接插座用中号板锉可锉入15o~30o槽内。一般情况下,坡口长度不小于3mm,坡口厚度应为管壁厚度的1/3~1/2。沟槽完成后,应清除残渣并清洗干净。
  1. The length of SAW pipe and groove and saw pipe is determined layer by layer according to the actual measurement and the size of each connecting pipe. Saw pipe fittings should choose sawtooth saw, cutting machine and pipe fittings cutting machine. The fracture should be smooth and the section should not be deformed. Medium plate file for socket to be bonded can be filed into 15o~30o slot. Generally, the groove length is not less than 3 mm, and the groove thickness should be 1/3~1/2 of the wall thickness. After the groove is completed, the residue should be removed and cleaned.
  2. 保护插座和插座接口。接好插座与插座接口后,用棉纱或干布蘸少量丙酮等清洗剂擦拭挤出胶。根据胶粘剂的功能和气候条件的静态变化,对界面停止固化。冬季施工时应适当延长养护时间。
  2. Protect socket and socket interface. After the socket and socket interface are connected, the extruded glue is wiped with cotton yarn or dry cloth dipped in a small amount of acetone and other detergents. According to the function of the adhesive and the static change of the climatic conditions, the curing of the interface is stopped. Maintenance time should be appropriately prolonged during winter construction.
  PVC drainage pipes are especially suitable for drainage pipes of airports, highways and railways. Extensive use of temperature scales, supply of PVC drainage pipes, outstanding weather resistance, scaling stability when temperature changes. Anti-aging, normal service life can reach more than 50 years. Light weight, low price, easy to transport, installation, protection and maintenance. It is widely used in highway, railway subgrade, subway engineering, landfill, tunnel, green belt, playground, high water cut slope protection and underground drainage and irrigation system of agriculture and horticulture.

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