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  There are three main connection modes of spiral bellows reinforced by steel strip: hot melt sleeve extrusion welding, heat shrinkable pipe (strip) welding and electric hot melt strip welding. Important projects can be connected by two kinds of connection modes. They should have more mature connection structure, connector products and construction technology. These are three commonly used connection modes.
  1. 热熔套挤压焊接
  1. Extrusion welding of hot melt sleeve
  It is a method of using special hot air welding tool to heat both ends of pipeline, extrude melt polyethylene material by welding torch, and connect polyethylene material to the body at both ends. This is to melt polyethylene material into a whole connection, a rigid connection.
  2. Heat shrinkable pipe (belt) connection
  Fiber reinforced polyethylene heat shrinkage belt is used in the inner layer and heat shrinkage tube is used in the outer layer. The surface of the heat shrinkable tube is coated with hot melt adhesive, which is tightly connected with the adjacent end of the tube after heating.
  3. Electrothermal Welding
  It is a high temperature connection method by charging the heating element embedded in the external contact surface. This is a rigid connection. Electrothermal fusion welding structure: the wall is inlaid with polyethylene welding zone resistance wire, near the outer surface of both ends, using tropical fastening resistance. At the same time, there is strong disassembly tool support on the wall of the outlet pipe. Polyethylene on both sides of the interface diffuses with each other. After sufficient cooling and curing, the power supply is cut off to form a reliable connection.

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