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  First, look at the appearance.
  颜色,好的PP-R水管色泽柔和均匀一致,无杂色。(PP-R管主要有白灰绿黄几种,消费者往往认为白色才是好的,其实颜色并非判断质量好坏的标准, 实际上PP-R水管的好坏跟PP-R水管的颜色没有任何关系。塑料粒子以白色、透明色(也有已加好色母其他颜色)为主只要加上色母什么颜色都可以生产,色母不会被分解也不会改变PP-R品质,因此单就水管而言什么颜色也没有关系,按规定PP-R水管要有良好的闭光性能,就这点而言灰色或其他不透光性能的会好一些。但是这样的优势仅在明管安装和管道井内存在,家装的水管全部是暗埋的,所以就根本不存在着灰色要优于其他颜色之说。PP-R管完全不透光,伪PP-R管轻微透光或半透光。白色产品一般只能用纯PP-R原料产生,如加回收料、废料、角料生产出来的产品其色泽不柔和也不均匀,而用色母加工的其他颜色产品添加回收料、废料、角料等就不会影响产品色泽。这就是为什么注重品质的以家装零售为主的不少厂家产品都以白色为主 );
  Color, good PP-R pipe color is soft and uniform, without any color. (PP-R pipes are mainly white, grey, green and yellow. Consumers often think that white is the best. In fact, color is not the criterion to judge the quality of PP-R pipes. In fact, the quality of PP-R pipes has nothing to do with the color of PP-R pipes. Plastic particles are mainly white and transparent (and other colors have been added to the masterbatch) as long as any color can be produced, the masterbatch will not be decomposed and will not change the quality of PP-R. Therefore, it does not matter what color the water pipe is. According to the national regulations, PP-R water pipe should have good light-closing performance, in this regard, the masterbatch will not be decomposed and will not change the quality of PP-R. Grey or other opaque properties will be better. But this advantage only exists in open pipe installation and pipeline wells, and all domestic pipes are buried, so there is no saying that gray is superior to other colors at all. PP-R tube is completely opaque, and pseudo-PP-R tube is slightly or semi-transparent. White products can only be produced with pure PP-R raw materials. For example, the products produced with recycled materials, waste materials and corners have soft and uneven color. Adding recycled materials, waste materials and corners to other color products processed with masterbatches will not affect the color of products. This is why many of the home decoration retail products that focus on quality are mainly white.
  The inner and outer surface of the product should be smooth and smooth, and no defects such as bubbles, obvious depressions, grooves and impurities should be allowed.
  Second, "touch" texture.
  Good PP-R pipes are 100% pure PP-R raw materials (without any additives), smooth surface, soft handle, and smooth handle of pseudo-PP-R pipes. Generally speaking, rough particles are likely to be mixed with impurities.
  Third, smell.
  The main material of PP-R pipe is polypropylene, good pipe has no odor, bad pipe has strange odor, probably mixed with polyethylene, not polypropylene;
  Fourth, "pinch" hardness.
  PP-R pipe has considerable hardness and can be pinched easily. It is definitely not a PP-R pipe.
  Fifth, "measure" wall thickness.
  In addition, vernier calipers can be used to measure whether the pipe wall thickness is up to the standard and uniform. Generally, good pipe is produced strictly according to the national standard, but this method requires a certain understanding of the national standard of PP-R pipe.
  Sixth, "Listen" to the voice
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