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  The quality of pipe is the focus of attention of manufacturers and users. How to grasp the quality of pipe is so important. There are many factors affecting the quality of PE pipe: raw material selection, temperature, screw speed, compressed air, traction speed, traction cooling and so on.
  1. 牵引速度对PE管质量的影响:牵引速度直接影响产品壁厚。牵引速度应与挤出速度相匹配,通常比管材挤出速度高1%~10%。
  1. The influence of traction speed on PE pipe quality: traction speed directly affects the product wall thickness. The traction speed should be matched with the extrusion speed, usually 1%~10% higher than the extrusion speed of pipe.
  2. The quality of compressed air to pipeline: compressed air to pipeline shape and maintain a certain degree of roundness. Pressure is generally
  3. The influence of traction cooling on pipeline quality: This is considered to be a comparative understanding. Cooling will not make the extruder adhere and can not finalize the design. It is better to combine air cooling with water cooling. The temperature of cooling water should be kept at about 15 degrees.
  4. The choice of raw materials is the most basic and the first factor: PE raw material specifications and brands are numerous, countless, the same brand of raw materials can produce PE bellows but not PE tubes. There is still a need for manufacturers to do a lot of testing, choose suitable materials for their own production.
  5. 温度对PE管质量的影响:温度是影响塑化和塑料管生产的主要因素。温度过低,塑化不良,温度过高,易分解。温度控制应根据原配方、挤出机及机头结构、螺杆转速等因素。硬质PVC管材加工时,加工温度与分解温度相互接近,生产中应严格控制各点的材料温度。同时要注意温度计的误差和测量点的位置。
  5. The influence of temperature on PE pipe quality: temperature is the main factor affecting plasticization and plastic pipe production. Low temperature, poor plasticization, high temperature, easy decomposition. Temperature control should be based on the original formula, extruder and die structure, screw speed and other factors. When processing rigid PVC pipes, the processing temperature and decomposition temperature are close to each other. The material temperature at each point should be strictly controlled in production. At the same time, we should pay attention to the error of thermometer and the position of measuring point.
  6. The influence of screw speed on pipeline quality: the selection of screw speed directly affects the output and quality. With the increase of rotational speed and extrusion volume, the material is subjected to larger shear force, which is beneficial to the plasticization of the material. But the material stays in the screw for a short time. The high friction heat makes the inner wall of the pipeline more rough and the strength of the pipeline lower. Therefore, the screw speed control should be based on the overall balance of output, product appearance and physical and mechanical properties.

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