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  At present, the state is building comprehensive pipeline corridors to avoid the recurrence of waterlogging disasters in successive years. The use frequency of drainage pipes has also increased several times. What are they? Pipes, HDPE double-wall corrugated pipes, reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipes, double-wall steel-plastic composite pipes, internal and external coated plastic pipes, four products, in addition, concrete pipes, PVC corrugated pipes, PE pipes, etc. In a word, there are many "teams", how to select specific design and construction requirements. The question is, are these big drains 1.7 meters long?
  We don't discuss what other products look like or how big they are. The diameter of strip reinforced polyethylene spiral bellows produced by steel pipes can reach 1.7 meters, usually marked DN1700. When the caliber is so strong, it can be considered a big project. DN300, DN400 and DN500 are mainly used in this pipeline. Generally, it can be adapted to the replacement of small and medium-sized projects. Is there a large drainage pipe 1.7 meters long?
  Of course, double-flat-wall and steel-plastic composite drainage pipes are also produced with a diameter of 1.7 meters, but very few. The main reason is that, considering the engineering cost and specific design requirements of burial depth, through the recommendations of steel strip pipes, rather than using double-flat-wall and steel-plastic composite drainage pipes. Its price is much higher. First, the production process of the product is novel, so-called thin is expensive. Second, the promotion of the product is low. Generally, the strength of steel band reinforced polyethylene spiral bellows such as SN8, SN10, SN12.5, SN16 can be achieved, which robs it of its work. Unless the design institute indicates the product on the drawing, it will not choose to use it.
  HDPE double-wall bellows are generally used in the range of dn200-dn600 caliber. Many people will ask why not use DN700 or more? Because when HDPE double-wall bellows reach DN700 or above, the general production process can not be achieved, and the bigger the product diameter, the more difficult the rigidity control of the ring is. In this case, the production cost is very high. The production cost of steel reinforced polyethylene spiral bellows may be much higher than that of steel strip reinforced polyethylene spiral bellows.
  Several products mentioned later, such as PE drain pipe caliber, concrete and PVC materials are not common, of course, not technical problems, through the low demand.
  Is there a large drainage ditch 1.7 meters long? Through the above analysis, all kinds of products can meet the specifications. If you have any other questions, please consult me.

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