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  Speaking of the future market of double-wall pipe, it also depends on the overall situation of our plastic pipe industry. Double-wall pipe is a new type of plastic pipe. The pipeline technology system has won seven Chinese patents and passed the inspection by the National Chemical Construction and Testing Center. You can say that there is no need to worry about the technology.
  But recently, the plastic pipe industry in China has continued to grow at a high speed. At present, the production of plastic pipes in China has ranked first in the world. At the same time, production capacity far exceeds demand, competition is fierce, counterfeiting and inferior are rampant, and economic benefits are declining. How to develop the next step has become a common concern and discussion in the industry.
  It can be said that the market price of this kind of pipe is still possible, after all, it is a new type of plastic pipe, and the technology is excellent. And it also has the strong support of the country, for the development of the industry is very good, this can be assured.
  Firstly, the structure of double-wall steel-plastic composite pipe is introduced. These pipes are made of polyethylene (PE), which is then used to make T-shaped strips, which are wound and fused to the tube forming machine. At the same time, W-shaped steel strip formed by galvanized steel strip is clamped between two strip plates. At the same time, the steel strip is coated with PE to make the outer wall of the pipeline, which is the third generation of new steel-plastic drainage pipeline. How to say, double flat wall steel-plastic composite pipe, this product, its technology has won seven patents in China. And our country's chemical building materials testing center has passed the test.
  The composite material is made of polyethylene PE and galvanized steel strip. PE material is formed into two T-shaped strips. Galvanized steel strip is the most easily embedded W-shaped material between two PE strips. Then PE is packaged in the periphery to make it a steel-plastic composite pipe.
  If you have the requirement of HDPE double flat wall steel-plastic composite winding pipe, you can click on the official website for consultation: http://www.laobingguandao.com

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