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  Advantages of HDPE Double-wall Bellows
  1. 环保,即使被分解,也是安全无毒的。PE材料属于食品卫生级,用于低压供水系统,无二次污染。
  1. Environmental protection, even if decomposed, is safe and non-toxic. PE material belongs to food hygiene grade and is used in low pressure water supply system without secondary pollution.
  2. Long service life, service life of more than 50 years, basically in line with the service life of buildings.
  3. High density and light weight, 1/8 of steel pipe and 1/10 of cement pipe, can greatly reduce transportation costs and installation and hoisting costs.
  4. Chemical corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt and other chemical media erosion, electrochemical corrosion, itself is a good anti-corrosion material. So far, there is no reagent in the world that can dissolve polyethylene.
  5. Ring-shaped flexible, especially good impact resistance. PE bellows cause underground movement when the ground subsides and have good resistance. In the Kobe earthquake in 1995, PE gas, water and sewage pipes were the only pipes that escaped from the pipeline system. Since then, PE pipes have been used in underground pipelines in Japan. PE pipeline has the best seismic performance.
  6、工程造价较低,相比钢管节约30%-50%,相比水泥管道综合造价基本持平。与灰砂玻璃纤维管道相比,其造价仅为工程造价的1/5。与同类型HDPE中空缠绕管相比,还可节约25% ~ 50%。工程维修费用也很低,只有其他管道的1/5。
  6. The project cost is low, saving 30%-50% compared with steel pipe, and the comprehensive cost of cement pipe is basically the same. Compared with the lime-sand fiberglass pipeline, its cost is only 1/5 of the project cost. Compared with the same type of HDPE hollow winding tube, it can save 25%-50%. Engineering maintenance costs are also very low, only 1/5 of other pipelines.
  7. Smooth inner wall, low water resistance, no scaling, good water permeability.
  8、尤其具有良好的低温性能,PE波纹管工作温度为-40℃- 60℃,工作温度范围很广,可在-30℃的低温下也可施工。PE管是目前一种冻结不开裂的管道。
  8. Especially, it has good low temperature performance. The working temperature of PE bellows is - 40 C - 60 C. The working temperature range is very wide. It can also be constructed at - 30 C. PE pipe is the only one that can not freeze and crack at present.
  9. 优异的耐冲击性。PVC、PP、ABS、PB、PE是目前市场上所有塑料管道中冲击强度好的。
  9. Excellent impact resistance. PVC, PP, ABS, PB, PE are the best impact strength of all plastic pipes on the market at present.
  It has good electrical insulation performance, especially suitable for high frequency power supply and electrical insulation materials. PE is a good insulating material. My skin is insulating layer for wires and cables. It is basically made of PE. PE double-wall bellows can be used as cable buried sleeves or cast in concrete, because the cable sleeve market is very popular.
  It has good sealing performance, no leakage, and protects the land from pollution.
  12. 环的刚度很好。可根据客户的不同要求选择不同的等级。
  12. Ring stiffness is good. Different grades can be selected according to different requirements of customers.

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