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  Comparison of Double-wall Steel-plastic Composite Winding Pipe and Polyethylene Hollow Winding Pipe
  1. 结构的比较
  1. Structural comparison
  Double-flat-wall steel-plastic composite winding pipe is a kind of pipe with composite structure. T-shaped strip is made of polyethylene (PE) as the main raw material. The strip is wound and welded on the pipe forming machine. At the same time, the W-shaped steel strip rolled from galvanized strip is embedded in the groove between the two plates, and PE is coated on the steel strip, which becomes the third generation of steel-plastic drainage pipeline on the outer wall of the pipeline. Steel strip plays a role in strengthening the skeleton, the strength and ring stiffness of pipeline are mainly borne by steel, and coated high density polyethylene plays a major role in anti-corrosion. In order to meet the requirements of ring stiffness, the double-flat-wall steel-plastic composite winding pipes with different diameters mainly depend on changing the height and thickness of the steel strip to meet the performance requirements, and the adjustment is convenient and reliable.
  In order to achieve the stiffness level of the ring, the thickness of the plastic must be increased to meet the design requirements. Therefore, the production speed and efficiency of large diameter polyethylene hollow winding pipe are low.
  2. 运输
  2. Transport
  Due to the structural characteristics of double-flat-wall steel-plastic composite winding pipe, its weight is relatively light. For large-scale projects, double-flat-wall steel-plastic composite winding pipe can transport winding equipment and tapes to the engineering installation site for winding, which greatly saves transportation costs.
  The transportation cost of polyethylene hollow winding pipe is higher, especially for large diameter winding pipe. For example, a car can only carry two people per car, so transportation costs are relatively expensive.
  According to the product structure of double-flat-wall steel-plastic composite winding pipe and the characteristics of winding equipment and belt conveying to engineering installation site, the production cost and transportation cost of the pipe are relatively low.
  The production cost and transportation cost of polyethylene hollow winding pipe are higher.
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