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KCG(Type C) fiber-reinforced plastic composite pipe technical requirements: Buried KCG(type C) fiber-reinforced plastic composite pipe is a new type of pipe which is made of 13 kinds of plastic resin synthetic materials and compounded by cold winding equipment. Its structure is double solid wall inside and outside, and the hollow part is the "mouth" type structure wall, which enhances the ability to bear the external load. The nominal diameter range of the pipeline is 200-3000 mm, and the continuous discharge water temperature is not more than 65℃.
The service life of KCG(Type C) fiber-reinforced plastic lined composite pipe is not less than 60 years under normal operation conditions. The ring stiffness shall be selected according to the external load conditions of the pipeline. The buried under the vehicle road shall not be less than 8KN/㎡, and the buried under the non-vehicle road and other parts shall not be less than 4KN/㎡. The connection mode is divided into two kinds: socket and sleeve. According to the size of the diameter and the number of winding layers of the strip, it can be divided into single-layer winding and multi-layer winding structure pipes. The pipes should be lifted and put lightly when loading and unloading, transporting and stacking. They should not be dropped, dragged, rolled or collided with each other. The method of lifting at one third of the place with two points should be adopted. Pipelines should be laid on undisturbed foundations or backfilled foundations after slotted, and both sides of pipelines should be compacted to form joint forces of pipe and soil, so as to meet the requirements of higher external loads. Pipe ends shall be kept clean and waterless. The double - buckle reinforced PVC pipe has the advantages of high ring rigidity, fast construction speed, environmental protection and no pollution. In recent years, it has been widely used in municipal roads, water conservancy projects, airport construction and other important construction projects.
1. 管材表面硬度和抗拉强度优,管道安全系数高。
2. 抗老化性好,正常使用寿命可达60年以上。
3. 管道对无机酸、碱、盐类耐腐蚀性能优良,适用于工业污水排放及输送。
4. 管道摩阻系数小,水流顺畅,不易堵塞,养护工作量少。
5. 材料氧指数高,具有自熄性。
6. 管道线膨胀系数小,为0.07mm/m,受温度影响变形量小。导 热系数和弹性模量小,与铸铁排水管相比抗冰冻性能优良。
7. 管材、管件连接可采用粘接,施工方法简单,操作方便,安装工效高。
市政与民用建筑室外排水管道工程,连续排放生活污水温度不大于40。C,瞬间排放污水温度不大于80。C;以及对于管材不起 腐蚀作用的工业废水均可使用,污水处理厂、垃圾处理场排水输送,化工通风管及化工、矿山用于流体的输送。环刚度为SN8;SN10;SN12.5;SN16。
KCG(Type C) fiber-reinforced plastic lined composite pipe is a new type of pipe made of hard POLYvinyl chloride by hot extrusion and winding. It in addition to the ordinary plastic pipe has good corrosion resistance, high insulation, smooth inner wall, small flow resistance and other characteristics, but also because of the use of a special hollow "work" shape structure, with excellent ring stiffness and good strength and toughness, and light weight, impact resistance, not easy to damage and other characteristics.
This product is a series of drainage pipe with mature technology, which has been widely used at home and abroad. It can be connected in a variety of ways, such as stainless steel clamp, heat shrink belt, socket and so on. The company produces a complete specification of pipe, pipe fittings complete, can meet all kinds of design requirements.
Product features
1. Excellent surface hardness and tensile strength of the pipe, high safety coefficient of the pipe.
2. Good aging resistance, normal service life can reach more than 60 years.
3. The pipeline has excellent corrosion resistance to inorganic acids, alkalis and salts, and is suitable for industrial sewage discharge and transportation.
4. Small friction coefficient, smooth water flow, not easy to plug, less maintenance work.
5. The material has high oxygen index and self-extinguishing.
6. The linear expansion coefficient of the pipeline is small, 0.07mm/m, and the deformation under the influence of temperature is small. Compared with cast iron drainpipe, the thermal conductivity and elastic modulus are small.
7. Pipe and fittings can be connected by adhesive, with simple construction method, easy operation and high installation efficiency.
Product Application Scope
For outdoor drainage pipeline projects of municipal and civil buildings, the continuous discharge of domestic sewage temperature shall not be more than 40. C. The instantaneous discharge temperature of sewage shall not be greater than 80. C; Industrial waste water which has no corrosive effect on pipes can be used. Sewage treatment plant and garbage disposal site can be used for drainage and transportation. Chemical ventilation pipe and chemical industry and mine can be used for fluid transportation. The ring stiffness is SN8; SN10; SN12.5; SN16.
KCG(Type C) fiber reinforced plastic composite pipe and KCG(type C) fiber reinforced plastic composite pipe are a new type of plastic buried drain pipe developed in China in recent years.
KCG(Type C) Fiber reinforced plastic liner composite pipe is continuously wound between T-shaped or U-shaped plate strips to form a I-shaped structural wall, which combines high strength with the flexibility, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance of PVC.
The production diameter range is 200-4000 mm, the length is 6-12 meters, the ring steel degree can reach SN8, SN12.5, SN16, SN18 four grades. It makes up for the limitation that the general ring stiffness of large diameter plastic buried drainage pipe can only reach SN8 in the past.


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