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  PVC hollow winding pipe is now used more and more common pipe, not only convenient construction, but also fair price, so by the majority of consumers. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the comparative advantages of PVC hollow winding pipe and other pipes, let's see why it is so popular.
  1. 低运输成本
  1. Low transportation cost
  配水泥管、塑料实心壁管、PE空心缠绕管。铸铁管等大口径地下污水管在使用。在运输成本方面,PVC-U缠绕管具有极其显著的优势。这是因为其他大口径管道的共同特点是成品(管道)必须在工厂生产,然后运输到施工现场或用户的仓库。由于管道是空心产品,当车辆运输时,不可避免地会产生吨的损失,所以运输成本是非常高的。而PVC空心缠绕管是在工厂制造出来的型材,在外地缠绕成成品(管)。所以运输是型材,没有损耗吨的现象,可以大大降低运输成本。以载重5吨的车辆为例,在运输1000根管道时。每辆车只有6根管子。总共36米。并且该车可运输27个板型(重量为5吨,体积不是超超宽),可生产166米1000管,两种可节省运输费用的78%。运输成本按每吨/公里0.75元计算。在距离500公里处,每米成型管的运输成本为0.75 X 5 X 500/36 =52元。绕线管每米运输成本仅为0.75 x5x500/166—11.3元。管径越大,运输成本所占比例越大。如当水泥管。装卸卡车还需要起重机械,这还没有包括在内。
  Equipped with cement pipe, plastic solid wall pipe, PE hollow winding pipe. Cast iron pipes and other large-diameter underground sewage pipes are in use. In terms of transportation cost, PVC-U winding pipe has a very significant advantage. This is because the common feature of other large-diameter pipes is that the finished products (pipes) must be produced in the factory and then transported to the construction site or the user's warehouse. Because the pipeline is hollow product, when the vehicle transport, it will inevitably produce tons of loss, so the transport cost is very high. The PVC hollow winding pipe is a profile made in the factory, which is wound into finished products (pipes) in other places. Therefore, transportation is a kind of profile, without the loss of tons, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost. Take a vehicle with a capacity of 5 tons for example, when transporting 1000 pipes. There are only six pipes in each car. 36 meters in total. And the vehicle can transport 27 plate types (weight is 5 tons, volume is not super wide), can produce 166 meters 1000 tubes, two can save 78% of the transportation cost. The transportation cost is calculated as 0.75 yuan per ton / km. At a distance of 500 km, the transportation cost per meter of formed pipe is 0.75 x 5 x 500 / 36 = 52 yuan. The transportation cost per meter is only 0.75x5x500/166-11.3 yuan. The larger the pipe diameter is, the larger the proportion of transportation cost is. Such as cement pipe. Loading and unloading trucks also require lifting machinery, which has not been included.
  2. 施工方便,综合成本低,耐腐蚀,使用寿命长,价格低廉
  2. Convenient construction, low comprehensive cost, corrosion resistance, long service life and low price
  (1) UPVC缠绕管重量轻,现场搬运不需要起重工具。与水泥管道相比,可节约施工成本。
  (1) UPVC winding pipe is light in weight, and lifting tools are not required for field handling. Compared with cement pipeline, it can save construction cost.
  (2) Fast construction speed. According to our company's experience, we can connect 5 pipes on the ground and use a rope to lift them into the pipe trench. Compared with the cement pipeline, avoid excavating a large number of pits (2m for each cement pipeline). Many connections).
  (3) During the construction of cement pipeline, a cement concrete cushion of about 250mm should be made at the bottom of the trench, which requires considerable construction cost and material cost. The winding pipe only needs to level the trench bottom and place on the undisturbed soil.
  (4) The wall thickness of cement pipe is several times of the wall thickness of winding pipe, and the concrete cushion shall be installed when laying. Pipes of the same inner diameter. In the soil above
  在相同高度下,水泥管道的管沟深度比缠绕管深400 ~ 600mm。一是土方工程量的挖掘。另一个是有地下水的时候。节水成本明显增加。
  At the same height, the trench depth of cement pipe is 400 ~ 600mm deeper than that of winding pipe. One is the excavation of earthwork. The other is when there is groundwater. The cost of water saving has increased significantly.
  (5) PVC空心缠绕管与水泥管相比,具有更好的耐腐蚀性能。在污水处理项目中。因为污水的化学成分
  (5) Compared with cement pipe, PVC hollow winding pipe has better corrosion resistance. In the sewage treatment project. Because of the chemical composition of sewage
  When the waste water is complex, especially in the chemical plant. The corrosion of cement pipeline is very serious. Some places. In less than 6 years of use, the cement pipeline has been corroded to the extent of steel exposure, resulting in ground collapse. The PVC-U material is resistant to acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion, ensuring decades of use.
  (6)与PVC空心壁缠绕管和PE空心壁缠绕管相比。除了节省运费外,每米管子的价格应该低10 ~ 15%左右。为什么
  (6) Compared with PVC hollow wall winding pipe and PE hollow wall winding pipe. In addition to saving freight, the price per meter of pipe should be about 10-15% lower. Why?
  是指管道的环刚度与材料的弹性模量成正比。(sR = El / Dm3)。但PVC的弹性模量远大于PE。结构是一样的。PE缠绕管结构壁厚应大。所以它会更重。这就是价格差距。
  It means that the ring stiffness of the pipe is directly proportional to the elastic modulus of the material. (sR = El / Dm3)。 But the elastic modulus of PVC is much higher than that of PE. The structure is the same. The wall thickness of PE winding pipe structure shall be large. So it's going to be heavier. This is the price gap.
  3. Environmental performance
  Not only good impact resistance. The influence of foundation settlement is also small. The PVC hollow winding pipe is not easy to cause the change of the foundation and form the secondary pollution to the city leakage.
  In the same kind of products, PE hollow winding pipe is also a very good choice. If you want to consult the specifications of Taiyuan double wall corrugated pipe or purchase these two kinds of pipes, please contact us, our staff will serve you wholeheartedly and look forward to your presence!

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