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  XLPE is increasingly used in the lead pipe market to avoid expensive copper pipe losses. PVC coiled tubing installation speed is faster and cost is lower. PEX can reduce the use of pipe fittings in the system, while allowing the use of multiple PVC pipe wrapped pipe fittings. Energy is a very important factor in the molding process, which consumes 66% of energy, mainly used for heating motor and cylinder. The unnecessary work can be reduced by controlling the motor speed alone; the heating cost can be reduced by 30-70% by controlling the cylinder temperature. Fluoropolymers are used in industrial and pressure pipelines. These fluoropolymers exhibit excellent chemical resistance in hot water systems and fittings.
  A new catalyst with single active center is needed to control the molecular structure of PVC winding pipe fittings and joints. Pipe extrusion requires high viscosity materials, while injection molding requires high fluidity materials. The performance requirements of pipeline interface products are high. The production of pipe fittings is a very precise forming process, even if a large part of the joints are rolled. The market is growing as pipe fittings are increasingly used for sewers, water, plumbing and road drainage.
  Chemical resistance: not subject to the corrosion of sewage, waste water and chemicals, and not subject to the corrosion of rotten substances in the soil. Impact resistance: the pipe wall is of "Gong" structure, with good impact resistance and high rigidity; the wound pipe is flexible with good elongation, and the immersed pipe foundation will not break. Aging resistance: the tube is black, UV resistant and anti-aging.
  Light weight: because the cylinder structure is hollow structure, the material can be saved under the premise of maintaining the rigidity. Under the same diameter, the weight per unit length is 1 / 8 of the weight of cement pipeline. Convenient construction, no need for large-scale installation equipment, reduce the labor intensity and shorten the construction period. Good drainage performance: the inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, the fluid dynamic friction is small, and the flow rate is fast. The diameter of winding pipe is 1-2 class smaller than that of reinforced concrete pipe
  Economic benefits of winding pipe: low price of pipe, low cost of construction, management and maintenance. Pipe connection: usually using "hot melt zone" or "hot shrinkage zone" connection technology. The pipeline and accessories are integrated, which not only ensures the strength of the connection, but also realizes the zero leakage of the pipeline system. The project adopts "heat shrinkable belt" connection technology.
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