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  In the early stage of PVC hollow winding pipe development, the consumption of PE pipe is far lower than that of PVC pipe, and the main reason of steel strip pipe is economy. At that time, high-performance PE pipes had not been developed, only PE materials with performance equivalent to pe63 could be used. Because of the low strength, under the same conditions, the wall thickness of PE pipe is more than one time larger than that of PVC pipe. Not only the material cost is high, but also it can only be used in the pipeline with small pressure and diameter, otherwise the wall thickness is too large to use. With the continuous increase of R & D efforts, new generation of high-strength pipe PE materials are emerging, not only PE80, but also PE100 products. The stress of PE pipe increases obviously with the renewal of material, and the thickness of pipe wall becomes thinner and thinner, even lower than that of PVC pipe.
  PVC hollow packaging pipe extrudes corrugated outer wall and a layer of smooth inner wall HDPE. Meanwhile, the pipe wall part is double-layer structure, and the inner wall is smooth and smooth. The outer wall is a trapezoid pipe hollow structure arranged at the same time. With excellent ring stiffness, good strength and toughness, light weight, strong impact resistance, not easy to damage, easy to transport and install. The pipe is mainly connected by rubber ring socket (or heat shrinkable belt). Due to the special structural design of corrugated pipe wall, the material (HDPE) is the least when the pipe has the same diameter and the same ring stiffness. However, due to the limitation of production technology, the domestic production of large caliber is only DN1200, so its promotion is limited.
  Extrusion and injection processing of PVC hollow winding pipe, processing aids the effect of PVC power pipe on plasticizing quality. At this time, processing aids are needed to improve the plasticizing quality, the low-temperature impact performance of CPVC power pipe material and the tolerance of the finished product. For PVC hollow wound pipe, the interaction between resin particles is poor, the heat transfer is poor, the melt splitting is easy to occur, and the plasticizing quality is poor.

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