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  Some people in order to save costs for the pipe wall thickness, but do not know that once the project fails, they will face greater losses. In order to ensure safety, some iron pipes are easy to use, and know that the service life of iron pipes may not only be plastic pipes, after all, it is water, long-term access to iron oxide pipes is very simple corrosion. What we are talking about here is not iron pipe, but double wall corrugated pipe. It has low cost and high hardness. It can be used continuously for 70-80 years after construction. Therefore, there is no doubt that double-layer corrugated pipe is used for farmland irrigation. Do not use iron pipe, because the cost of iron pipe is too high, and the construction is not convenient, double wall corrugated pipe can be constructed quickly, with low cost and long service life.
  At present, HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe industry has two main forces to stimulate market demand.
  First, industrial upgrading. To replace steel with plastics and cement with plastics will be the main development trend of China's pipeline Market in the future. The "Tenth Five Year Plan" and 2015 development plan outline of the national chemical building materials industry clearly pointed out that by 2005, the utilization rate of HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe in all kinds of pipelines in China had reached more than 50%. By 2015, 80% of China's drainage pipes will be made of plastic pipes, and cast iron pipes will be eliminated. The use of plastic pipes for urban sewage and drainage pipes reaches 50%. Now the pace of industrial development is speeding up, and the pace of industrial upgrading has a trend of accelerating. Because in the 12th Five Year Plan, China will continue to promote the construction of double wall corrugated pipe, especially in the construction of drainage, indoor cooling and heating water, drinking water, heating, gas and drainage systems, and expand the scope of industrial development.
  Second, the market demand is strong. In recent years, many problems such as urban water shortage, indoor water accumulation, industrial drainage, pollution control and gas safety have been exposed all over the country. In addition, the serious shortage of water resources, rural irrigation and other problems are increasingly serious. And the most suitable solution to this problem is today's best-selling HDPE Double wall bellows. Urban construction, rural development, water conservancy equipment and pipeline construction are inseparable, involving water supply, drainage, municipal water supply, rural water supply, outdoor drainage, industrial sewage, gas pipeline and other aspects, with far-reaching impact. As the price of HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe is reasonable, the market space of pipeline industry as the future investment direction of China is very unlimited.

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