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  PE double wall corrugated pipe is more and more widely used. With the increase of construction demand, a large number of low-quality PE double wall corrugated pipes are also entering the market, making huge profits. This will not be a professional basis can not be distinguished, forming a huge loss to customers. In order to make customers choose not to be covered, the following is to introduce the cause analysis of PE double wall corrugated pipe wall irregularities:
  The inner wall of Polyethylene double wall corrugated pipe is not smooth, which is mainly caused by low vacuum, high temperature of water jacket and thin inner layer. If the vacuum degree is small, check whether the inner vacuum pipe is unblocked and whether the vacuum pump operates normally. High jacket temperature is usually caused by high cooling water temperature or low cooling water flow.
  Double wall corrugated pipe has the defect of bad expanding. The poor combustion removal can be divided into the following situations:
  1. 在铰刀末端的内层有一个凹极限。其原因一般是扩眼器后波和第二波的气压过小;扩口后波、第二波内壁过厚;内部真空度小或内部真空度启动太晚;原材料韧性差等。
  1. There is a concave limit in the inner layer of reamer end. The reasons are generally that the pressure of the first wave and the second wave after the reamer is too small; the inner wall of the first wave and the second wave after the reamer is too thick; the internal vacuum degree is small or the internal vacuum degree starts too late; the toughness of raw materials is poor, etc.
  2. 扩口前部内层有凹面极限,一般是由于内气启动过早造成的;水套与模内模块线偏离(成型机与水套不在中间);内壁厚度较薄;内部的真空过早地停止了。
  2. There is concave limit in the inner layer at the front of the flaring, which is generally caused by the early start of the internal gas; the deviation of the center line between the water jacket and the module in the mold (the molding machine and the water jacket are not in the middle); the thickness of the inner wall is thin; the internal vacuum stops prematurely.
  3. The end of incomplete flaring can not be attached in any way. The reason is usually that the internal charge ends ahead of time and the Burnoff ends ahead of time
  4. 如果外燃的内外层没有很好的附着,如果外燃开始出现,则内气发射较晚或对应截面的气压太小;如果发生在末端,可能是由于内气的早期末端或扩口的早期末端,或者是由于相应部分的压力太小。如果从头到尾粘的不好,可能是原料的作用或温度的原因。
  4. If the inner and outer layers of the external combustion do not attach well, if the external combustion starts to appear, the internal gas emission is later or the air pressure of the corresponding section is too small; if it occurs at the end, it may be due to the early end of the internal gas or the early end of the flaring, or the pressure of the corresponding part is too small. If the adhesive is not good from the beginning to the end, it may be the function of raw materials or the reason of temperature.
  5. The causes of internal blowing usually include excessive internal pressure; poor resistance of raw materials; too thin inner layer; late start of bell mouth or uneven exhaust pipe of bell mouth; impurities in raw materials; poor plasticization of materials, etc.
  6. 扩口端内层充满材料。这种现象往往导致双壁波纹管向内凹扩口。原因是扩口端内层过厚。此段成形机减速幅度过大;前段内装费用过高;内层材料温度过高,导致毛坯过软;这部分外层毛坯太厚了。
  6. The inner layer of flared end is filled with materials. This phenomenon often causes double wall bellows to expand inward. The reason is that the inner layer of flared end is too thick. The reduction range of this section of forming machine is too large; the cost of the front section is too high; the temperature of the inner layer material is too high, resulting in too soft blank; this part of the outer blank is too thick.
  The above is the cause of the uneven inner wall of double wall bellows and how to deal with it. Do you know? For more information, please click the official website: http://www.laobinguandao.com

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