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  pvc中空缠绕管发展初期,PE管的用量远远小于PVC管,钢带管主要原因是经济性。当时高性能PE管材料还没有被开发出来,只能使用性能相当于PE63等级的PE 材料,由于强度低,同样条件下PE管的壁厚要比PVC管大1倍以上,不仅材料成本高且只能在较低压力、较小直径管材上应用,否则壁厚太大无法使用。随着研 发力度不断加大,新一代高强度管材专用PE料不断涌现,不仅出现PE80级,还出现PE100级产品。材料升级换代使PE管各种应力显著提高,管壁厚度越 来越薄,甚至低于PVC管。
  At the early stage of PVC hollow winding pipe development, the consumption of PE pipe is far less than that of PVC pipe, and the main reason of steel strip pipe is economy. At that time, the high-performance PE pipe material has not been developed, only PE material with performance equivalent to pe63 grade can be used. Due to the low strength, the wall thickness of PE pipe under the same conditions is more than 1 times larger than that of PVC pipe, not only the material cost is high, but also it can only be used on pipes with low pressure and small diameter, otherwise the wall thickness is too large to use. With the continuous increase of R & D efforts, a new generation of special PE materials for high-strength pipes is emerging, not only grade PE80, but also grade PE100 products. The upgrading of the material makes all kinds of stresses of PE pipes increase significantly, and the thickness of pipe wall becomes thinner and thinner, even lower than that of PVC pipes.
  pvc中空缠绕管是由HDPE同时挤出的波纹外壁和一层光滑内壁一次熔结挤压成型的,管壁截面为双层结构,其内壁光滑平整,外壁为等 矩排列的具有梯形中空结构的管材。具有优异的环刚度和良好的强度与韧性,重量轻、耐冲击性强、不易破损等特点,且运输安装方便。管道主要采用橡胶圈承插连 接(也可采用热缩带连接)。由于双壁波纹管的特殊的波纹管壁结构设计,使得该管在同样直径和达到同样环刚度的条件下,用料(HDPE)更省。但受到生产工 艺限制,目前国内能生产的大口径也只有DN1200,使得其推广受到一定的限制。
  PVC hollow winding pipe is made of corrugated outer wall and a smooth inner wall extruded by HDPE at the same time. The section of the pipe wall is double-layer structure, the inner wall is smooth and flat, and the outer wall is a trapezoid hollow structure pipe with equal moment arrangement. It has excellent ring stiffness, good strength and toughness, light weight, strong impact resistance, not easy to be damaged, and convenient for transportation and installation. The pipe is mainly connected by rubber ring socket (or heat shrinkable belt). Because of the special structure design of double wall bellows, HDPE is the most economical material for the same diameter and the same ring stiffness. However, limited by the production process, at present, only DN1200 can be produced in China, which limits its promotion.

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