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  设备性能特点:我公司引进和消化国外先进技术,并比较了各种结构的优缺点墙管发射PE、钢塑缠绕管生产线的线径范围(内径)800 ~ 3500毫米,,替代进口设备的产品。
  Equipment performance features: our company introduces and digests foreign advanced technology, and compares the advantages and disadvantages of various structures. The diameter range (inner diameter) of wall pipe emission PE and steel plastic winding pipe production line is 800 ~ 3500 mm, which fills the domestic gap and replaces the first choice of imported equipment.
  The main machine adopts two-stage pressure reducing screw, with special parts, to promote mixing and plasticization, with high torque and high temperature control accuracy, to ensure that all recycled materials can be used in production. Double machine compound feeding, spiral rotary forming, high efficiency compound technology, ensure the high quality of products. Special plastic steel composite process is adopted to make the pipe composite reliable and improve the performance of the pipe.
  The extrusion frame is adjustable, and the adjustable steel belt pitch mechanism is optional. It is very convenient to adjust the steel belt pitch of composite pipe, so as to obtain the best ring stiffness and the lightest weight, and the operation is convenient and flexible.
  By using PCC computer control system, the forming, bending and compound forming of strip steel can be controlled synchronously, and the defects such as tearing, wrinkling and cracking of strip steel in tube forming can be avoided. The product yield can reach 100%.
  The unique and ingenious compound forming mechanism makes the compound forming of spiral steel strip and inner tube stable and has the function of adjusting the thickness of inner and outer walls.
  The production line adopts professional Baker Hoff industrial computer control system, large screen touch screen human-machine interface, high degree of automation, reliable operation and convenient operation.
  With the function of remote communication, it can realize remote diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  产品特点:重量轻,密封圈刚度高,成本低,具有很强的市场竞争力。与内径大于800mm的空心壁缠绕管、型肋管和双壁波纹管相比,在相同管径和环刚度下,单米重量更轻,可节省材料20 ~ 60%。
  Product features: light weight, high rigidity of sealing ring, low cost, strong market competitiveness. Compared with the hollow wall wound pipe, ribbed pipe and double wall corrugated pipe with an inner diameter of more than 800mm, the single meter weight is the lightest under the same pipe diameter and ring stiffness, and the material can be saved by 20 ~ 60%.
  The connection is convenient and reliable. It can be connected by hot-melt welding (drainage, blowdown, ventilation, etc.), by heat shrinkable tape, or by sealing ring and shaft sealing block.
  该缠绕钢管具有良好的耐低温性能,可在-60℃~ 60℃条件下施工。
  The winding steel pipe has good low temperature resistance and can be constructed at - 60 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.
  The product has high overall strength and can bear large axial tensile force and circumferential stress.
  Soil adaptability is strong. As the elongation at break of PE is up to 500%, it has a strong adaptability to the uneven settlement of foundation and the change of non crack soil layer.
  Good cycle performance. The flow resistance is small, the pipe diameter is the same, and the flow rate is larger than that of cement pipeline.
  It has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and its service life is longer than that of cement pipeline.
  It belongs to green environmental protection products and will not cause pollution to the environment.

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