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  1. 安全无毒:塑料管由乙烯树脂制成,可达到饮用水输送的卫生水平,适用于大口径、长距离自流清洗供水管道,不会对输送介质造成二次污染。
  1. Safe and non-toxic: the plastic pipe is made of vinyl resin, which can reach the sanitary level of drinking water transportation. It is suitable for large-diameter, long-distance self-cleaning water supply pipe, and will not cause secondary pollution to the transportation medium.
  2. 流动性好:HDPE双平壁钢塑复合式排水管配管数与其它结构墙塑料管配管数相同,即0.01;由于水泥管道的配员数为0.013,所以在相同口径、相同使用条件下,HDPE双平壁复合排水管的输送能力比水泥管道高出30%
  2. Good fluidity: the number of pipes of HDPE Double flat wall steel plastic composite drainage pipe is the same as that of other structural wall plastic pipes, i.e. 0.01; because the number of cement pipes is 0.013, the transportation capacity of HDPE Double flat wall composite drainage pipe is 30% higher than that of cement pipes under the same caliber and use conditions
  3.使用寿命长:在正常使用下,HDPE的使用寿命double-flat-wall钢塑复合排水管道可以达到50 - 100年,这是远远高于水泥管或金属排水管道的使用寿命,特别是在相对不好使用,其寿命可能10几年。
  3. Long service life: under normal use, the service life of HDPE Double flat wall steel plastic composite drainage pipe can reach 50-100 years, which is far higher than the service life of cement pipe or metal drainage pipe, especially in relatively poor use, and its service life may be more than 10 years.
  4. 工程总成本低:对于大直径管道,考虑到生产成本,运输和安装成本节约,双层墙钢塑复合排水管道工程的综合成本低于其他类除了水泥管管道,与水泥管相比,由于塑料管道内表面光滑平整、水泥管直径相同的塑料管道输送介质流量(大约15%),因此,双壁钢塑复合管的综合成本略低于水泥管或与水泥平铺,但使用寿命明显延长。
  4. Low total cost of the project: for large-diameter pipes, considering the production cost, transportation and installation cost savings, the comprehensive cost of double wall steel plastic composite drainage pipe project is lower than that of other types except cement pipe. Compared with cement pipe, because the inner surface of plastic pipe is smooth and flat, and the delivery medium flow of plastic pipe with the same diameter of cement pipe (about 15%), therefore, the comprehensive cost of double wall steel plastic composite pipe The synthetic cost is slightly lower than that of cement pipe or paved with cement, but the service life is significantly longer.
  5. 绿色环保:双扁壁钢塑复合式排水管在制造、使用和回收过程中都能做到绿色环保。水泥材料的生产过程和水泥管道本身的制造过程严重污染环境,已成为环境保护部门的治理对象。其次,废弃的塑料管可以回收利用。当它燃烧时,只产生二氧化碳和水蒸气,而不排放其他有害气体。
  5. Green environmental protection: double flat wall steel plastic composite drain pipe can achieve green environmental protection in the process of manufacturing, use and recycling. The production process of cement material and the manufacturing process of cement pipeline itself seriously pollute the environment, which has become the key target of environmental protection department. Second, waste plastic pipes can be recycled. When it burns, it only produces carbon dioxide and water vapor, and does not emit other harmful gases.
  6. 无泄漏:结构先进,带材与带材接缝均匀牢固,管段密封良好。
  6. No leakage: advanced structure, uniform and firm joint between strip and strip, good sealing of pipe section.
  7. 均匀管壁厚度与性能:由于管壁厚度均匀(无波纹),没有薄弱环节,因此,管壁性能均匀。
  7. Uniform wall thickness and performance: since the wall thickness is uniform (without corrugation) and there is no weak link, the wall performance is uniform.
  8. 安装方便:内外壁均为双层平面结构,管道与管道及检测井之间采用承插连接,安装方便,安装快捷。
  8. Convenient installation: the internal and external walls are double-layer plane structure, and the socket connection is adopted between the pipeline and the inspection well, which is convenient for installation and quick for installation.
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