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  Price comparison of HDPE pipe with PVC-U pipe, PP-R pipe and aluminum plastic composite pipe:
  The outdoor water supply pipes mainly include ductile iron pipes, galvanized pipes, UPVC water supply pipes, HDPE pipes, etc. HDPE water supply pipes can achieve such a rapid development and application, which is also due to the economic and practical characteristics of HDPE pipes. Here is an engineering example.
  The outdoor water supply pipeline of the project is introduced from the municipal water supply pipeline 500m away, with the pipe diameter of dn400. To the building red line, there are two ways of water content, the pipe diameter is DN300, and the total length of outdoor ring road is about 800m. The original design was ductile iron pipe. According to the company's regulations, it is necessary to compare the economy of the pipeline system, so we analyzed the cost of ductile iron pipe and HDPE pipe, and estimated the project cost respectively. After comparative analysis, we found that:
  (1)球墨铸铁管价格dn400元/m, dn300元/m;HDPE管价格:dn400元/m, dn300元/m。从管道的单价来看,球墨铸铁管的价格比HDPE管要好。
  (1) the price of ductile iron pipe is dn400 yuan / m, DN300 yuan / M; the price of HDPE pipe is dn400 yuan / m, DN300 yuan / m. In terms of the unit price of pipes, the price of ductile iron pipes is better than that of HDPE pipes.
  (2) HDPE管采用热熔连接,施工难度大,安装成本比球墨铸铁管高40%左右。
  (2) HDPE pipes are connected by hot melting, which is difficult to construct, and the installation cost is about 40% higher than that of ductile iron pipes.
  (3) due to the good flexibility of HDPE pipe, it can be directly laid without pipe fittings when encountering obstacles or non straight trench excavation, but the ductile iron pipe is not very good, sometimes it must be connected with elbow or cross pipe fittings. Therefore, HDPE pipe is superior to nodular cast iron pipe in terms of pipe fittings.
  (4) HDPE管采用热熔对接连接,接口强度非常好。球墨铸铁管采用承插式连接,在t、弯头处打混凝土墩进行加固。这方面的费用是选择球墨铸铁管自然比选择HDPE管的要高。
  (4) HDPE pipe is connected by hot-melt butt joint, with very good interface strength. The ductile iron pipes are connected by socket type and reinforced by concrete piers at t and elbow. The cost in this respect is that choosing ductile iron pipe is naturally higher than choosing HDPE pipe.
  (5) HDPE管不需要防腐。供水管道选用球墨铸铁管时,应对球墨铸铁管内外壁进行防腐处理。
  (5) HDPE pipe does not need anti-corrosion. When the ductile iron pipe is selected as the water supply pipe, the internal and external walls of the ductile iron pipe shall be treated with anti-corrosion.
  (6)球墨铸铁管经内外壁腐蚀处理后的正常使用寿命为20 ~ 25年。HDPE管无腐蚀,正常使用寿命为50年。
  (6) the normal service life of nodular cast iron pipe after internal and external corrosion treatment is 20-25 years. HDPE pipe has no corrosion and its normal service life is 50 years.

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