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  In the absence of PSP steel-plastic composite pipes, the water supply is to use plastic pipes or steel pipes. Water companies need to pressurize their water supply because they want to send it to millions of households. But ordinary plastic pipes can not withstand too much pressure because of their plastic material, water companies can only use steel pipes, but over a long period of time, steel pipes rust, corrosion is very serious, it will cause pollution.
  We all know that PSP steel-plastic composite pressure pipe is a new type of high-quality metal-plastic composite pipe. It is a steel-plastic composite pressure pipe with the optimal structure of P-S-P (plastic-steel-plastic) five-layer composite structure. The defects of easy rusting, easy pollution, inconvenience, short service life, low strength, large expansion and easy deformation of plastic pipes are abandoned. Retained steel pipe and plastic pipe with good oxygen insulation, strong impact resistance, heat resistance, buried inside and outside of the plastic played a role in anti-corrosion, with smooth inner wall, chemical corrosion resistance, pollution-free, fluid resistance is small, no scaling, no breeding of microorganisms, fluid is not secondary pollution and other advantages, at the same time, it has high pressure, long life. Less maintenance features.
  The ground management is easy to detect and so on. The inner and outer layer of plastic plays an anti-corrosion role, with the advantages of smooth inner wall, chemical corrosion resistance, no pollution, small fluid resistance, no scaling, no growth of microorganisms, no secondary pollution of the fluid, and also has the characteristics of high pressure, long life and less maintenance. So the steel-plastic composite material of PSP steel-plastic composite pipe solves the big problem of water supply, and makes people like this kind of pipe more and more. Therefore, PSP steel-plastic composite pipes occupy an important position in the neighborhood of building materials and are widely used.

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