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  When the steel-plastic composite pipe is finished, don't think it can be shipped, and the most important step can not be forgotten is to do a good job of product protection, which can avoid a lot of trouble in the future. Here are some experiences about finished product protection of steel-plastic composite pipe.
  1. 钢塑复合管预留管口的临时电线插头不得随意打开,以免因落入杂物堵塞管道。
  1. Temporary plugs for reserved orifices of steel-plastic composite pipes should not be opened at will to avoid blocking the pipes due to falling debris.
  Second, prefabricated steel pipes and plastic composite pipes should be stacked neatly, with flat gaskets and solid gaskets. Pressure with feet or materials is not allowed, and double-folding is not allowed.
  3. Do not place shelves or suspensions on installed steel-plastic composite pipes.
  4. 安装的钢塑复合管不得作支撑或脚踏板,不得受压,其支撑支架不得作为其他受力点。
  4. Installed steel-plastic composite pipes shall not be used as supports or pedals, nor be subjected to compression, and their support brackets shall not be used as other stress points.
  Usually when you see steel pipe and plastic composite pipe, you will find that there are holes in the pipe, so how these holes are drilled, what matters need attention in the drilling process, see below.
  First of all, it should be clear that inspection and control should not be used in the installation of perforated branch pipes. If you use this method, there are the following problems, you must pay attention to the following, to see what is the problem, when stamping lining plastic is proved to be more soft, but forced to solve more trouble with rigidity, it can easily damage the pipeline, the edge is irregular, it is recommended to open. Put in a combined artistic knife.
  In the process of piping, the plastic residue lining can easily fall into the original pipe. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the operation process, otherwise the end water point will be blocked. Electrical (gas) welding tools should not be used to drill holes or install branch pipes, as this will destroy lined pipes and plastics. Branch pipes shall be connected with special pipe joints for grooving.

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