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  Plastic testing wells play an important role in drainage system. What methods can effectively prevent the blockage of the plastic inspection well pipe network? Next, we will analyze the influencing factors, principles and solutions of the drainage pipe network.
  There are many factors affecting the hydraulic performance of pipeline network.
  (1) The guide passage of the well seat is unreasonable and not smooth;
  (2) Pipeline and exploration well are connected by interpolation.
  (3) The common pipe diameter change joint is used for pipe diameter change.
  When the filling degree of the pipeline is low, the water flow will decrease and the head loss will be large.
  Principle of drainage system
  The mechanism of drainage network is gravity flow. In pipeline design, the balance of gradient and depth of pipeline is a key problem. The higher the slope, the better the drainage capacity and efficiency, but this will also increase the depth of the pipeline. Pipeline burial depth is proportional to construction cost and operation cost. The normal design gradient ranges from 0.3% to 0.5%.
  In the design of diversion channel structure, in order to ensure that all flow is deflected downstream, it is necessary to avoid the inflow being offset. Especially when two or more pipes enter the channel, the design of diversion channel is more exquisite. The diversion channels are designed with different structures of left, middle, right, middle, left and right intakes. The rightmost diversion channel of the wellbore is not clear, and the flow end surface is easily disturbed. When the water flows in both right and left directions, it is easy to produce hedges, which will cause huge head losses and lead to sewage retention. When there are only two directions of water flow, it is difficult to flow out of the middle without the guiding effect of the diversion channel. One of the core guiding principles of sewage network design is to discharge sewage into designated outlets as soon as possible. Without a clear diversion channel, it is difficult to achieve the design effect.

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